Thursday, November 8, 2012

Days 7 & 8, or, Why I'm Grateful For My Feet

I missed yesterday of my Thirty Days of Giving Thanks--I was apart of a lovely event celebrating the grand opening of our new studio space with Carnegie Picture Lab. I've written about Carnegie here.

Anyway, over the last few days I've been busy with decorating, cleaning, greeting, and talking to people about teaching kids art and I've been on my feet a lot.

Tonight, they hurt.
However, it got me thinking about my feet. You know, I'm not very considerate of my feet. I hardly think about them at all. It's only when they hurt (which really isn't very often) and that's just really inconsiderate.
I'm mean, they're my feet.

So I've been thinking about these wonderful appendages today because they've been screaming at me to get off of them which got me thinking about why I'm grateful for them.

Here are the top seven reasons I'm grateful for my feet:

1. My feet take me from place to place--like from my bed to the refrigerator, then back again.

2. My feet are actually quite attractive. And I fully realize not everyone can say that. I think I could have had a successful career as a foot model. Of course, on some level I also believe that I could win Jeopardy even though I don't know that much trivia, but I'm sure that charisma alone could carry me through.
3. My feet are big. Not like Hobbit big, but just regular big. Sturdy. Steadfast. Solid. They keep me upright...most of the time.

4. My feet are strong. Or rather, my toes are. They can pick up pencils, Legos, un-shelled peas and even m&m's. (But just for the record, I don't eat anything I pick up with my feet...or anyone else's.)

5. My feet don't smell. At least I think they don't. They're kind of far away because I'm tall so I might just be making that one up.

6. My feet can walk, jump, bounce, kick and generally just take a beating. Of course, my legs can too so that's pretty cool but I'm trying to focus here, so you get the point. I'm especially grateful for this fact because when the zombie apocalypse finally begins, my feet will carry me far away from those freaks.

7. My feet don't really hurt that often. Maybe that's because I've been riding my pet reindeer around a lot in preparation for Christmas, or maybe it's because they're just good feet. Either way, I'm grateful for my feet, and my reindeer.

So, that's it. My feet rock and I'm grateful for them.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. You're right, feet are really under-appreciated!

  2. I am giggling because the valedictorian when I graduated from high school spoke about his feet for the beginning of his speech!

  3. I love my feet too--especially when they're being rubbed! Ha. I'm mostly fixated on your pet reindeer at the moment--you have all the cool stuff. No fair.


  4. I am grateful for my hands, even when they hurt. In fact, I am grateful for everything, for I know God provided me with what He knew I would need.