Thursday, December 6, 2012

Like A Boss

Do you ever just do something "like a boss"?

Whether it's decorate your house for Christmas, make a meal, complete a project at work, etc. doing in "like a boss" feels awesome.

I had one of those days today. Everything I did, I did it "like a boss." Which is strange because the majority of my focus is usually spent on not falling down.

So, I'm celebrating.
Here's a taste of what I smacked out (like a boss) today:

I made a fire--like a boss.
I woke up--like a boss.
I read the Bible (not the whole thing, which would have been waaaaaaaay more "boss-like" quite frankly, but I won't discount the few verses I did read)--like a boss.
I got dressed--like a boss.
I drove--like a boss. (You should be careful of doing this one unless your brother-in-law is a police officer and can get you out of tickets.)
I talked to my mom--like a boss. (Which, incidentally, didn't go over too well.)
I cleaned the house--like a boss.
I cleaned out the garage--like a boss. (And then I thought--who exactly is the boss here? And why don't they clean out their junk more often?)
I re-opened every box we packed to put our house on the market trying to find my Christmas piano music--like a boss.... except I completed this task quite literally like a boss, because I stood there holding packing tape while Mountain Man actually opened every box and I took credit it for it.

That counts, right?

What did you do today--like a boss??

Tomorrow I will have a special guest blogger, my 14 year-old daughter, Straight Face, who has recently written a piece for her school newspaper called, "Cannibalism. An Editorial." 
I hope you swing by to get a sneak peek before it's published! And yes, it's REALLY about cannibalism...


  1. You want to be careful talking to moms (like a boss). They don't usually like that. LOL! Today I called the Superior Court of my county to find out the status on my divorce case- like a boss. It's final. Praise Jesus! No, really, I actually spent most of the day thanking Him that this horrible chapter of my life is finally closed and I can begin to heal! Here's to healing- like a boss!!! :D

    1. You go JENNY!!! Like a BOSS!!! I'm so happy for you, and relieved and you've been in my prayers. Here's to a new beginning--LIKE A BOSS!!! xoxoxo

    2. Thank you, love! Will you email me your new address so that I can write to you again? I was due to reply to you, like, 6 months ago or something! :)

  2. I scheduled infusions at the cancer center, like a boss (as in, yes, I do need to have all these before the end of the year since I already met my deductible!) And now I'm going to get this stupid disease back in remission, like a boss.

    1. Oh yes you will whip that stoopid disease into remission LIKE A BOSS!! I love you and am sending healing thoughts your a boss. :) xoxo

  3. I love this post like a boss! :)

  4. I don't think I did anything like a boss today, unfortunately. Luckily, there's always tomorrow! I shall strive to be as boss-like as is humanly possible!

    1. I want to hear how it goes...;) Like a boss! :)

  5. Today I am catching up on the blogging world- like a boss ;)

  6. all my adult working life i was like the boss over someone - i don't think i have ever changed that habit - sometimes i think i do a little too much of being the boss - not sure what it is like to not approach like a boss - am i understanding your definition of like a boss??

  7. Well done, you! I dig this "like a boss" thing - Fun!

    Today I slept in, like a boss; wrote up/scheduled six blog posts, like a boss; caught up with some blog reading, like a boss.

    Some Dark Romantic

  8. Love the part about talking with your mother like a boss not going over well.

    That made me laugh!!

    I'm sure that if I tried it with mine, it wouldn't go over very well, either.