Monday, February 18, 2013

A Weekly Wrap-Up: One Week Post Move

I met the Elephant Lady. Her name is Sandy, she's really nice. I felt bad for an hour after meeting her. Then she started walking around upstairs again and my guilt flew right out the window.

I have an emergency contact. I don't know about you, but that line that you fill out at your kid's school always freaks me out--you know the one, "Emergency Contact in case you are not available." It sits there all ominous and since we've moved a few times I never fill it out until about a year later because I don't know anyone that could pick up my kids in case I'm not available, (read "eaten by a zombie" here).

This move, however, is different. I get to live near one of my near and dear friends whom I have already adopted as my kid's second Portland mother. (It takes a village, ya know....) There was an indescribable lightness at filling in that blank line with ease. Sort of a "Welcome home, I've got you."
Thanks, Ladyface, for being here.

I have too many books, too much stuff, and the only monk in this family is my son. Bless him! My darling boy has enough belongings to fit into an IKEA sized dresser and no more. He has reached the goal I aspire to, to be able to fit all of your belongings into a VW beetle. The rest of us (sorry lot that we are) have too many clothes, books and apparently scissors--SEVEN pair--who needs seven pair of scissors??

I already feel at home. Thanks to my trusty navigator, (my daughter) we know our way around pretty well, and if we get lost, we simply stop for a Diet Coke and call it good. I feel energized, excited, and like my creative mind is expanding. Previously, I felt like my ideas matched the size of Walla Walla--there was a Main street and a few side I feel like I've got the world on a string...sitting on a the string around my finger....*insert Frank Sinatra here*

And that, dear friends, is today's update.

What are you up to today?


  1. This sounds much more tolerable than last time's apartment update. I always panic a little over the emergency contact line, as my mind has to conjure up several scenarios regarding why the school needs to reach me...and why they can'T (zombies)

  2. Glad you're getting situated! It all just gets better & better, right?

  3. Today I'm sitting in my house with a gray, rainy day outside and actually happy to be doing that!:) Sounds wonderful to be living in a larger place with more avenues for adventures! Glad you're loving it there.

  4. Glad you are already feeling at home!

  5. whoot! ill feed them quesadillas and toast!

  6. Seven pairs of scissors. I thought we were bad on three!

    1. I know! What kind of crazy is ruling here?? :)

  7. I've been absent and you've been writing about your adventures and I have just had a delightful moment or two catching up! Absolutely LOVED this post - so great to laugh about the elephant lady again, to laugh at your "feed me pie" comments,...pretty much to laugh at everything you write! You are simply a major source of joy to all who are blessed to know you! I, too, aspire to be like your son (love the descriptions!) but as yet it is just a far away dream!!! And you DO need 7 pairs of scissors because 6 of them are always lost... love you!!!