Sunday, May 5, 2013

Liebster Squeak!

Are you all rested up after the last month of A to Z blogging madness?
No, me neither.

I got the notice today that two lovely bloggers nominated me for the Liebster award! Rachel over at When a Lion Sleeps, Let it Sleep, and Sherilee over at Sweet Tea & Sunshine have generously shared the Liebster with me! Thank you, ladies!!

The Liebster award is for blogs under 200 followers, and since I am barely squeaking by, I am especially grateful.
The rules of the Liebster is to answer questions from the award giver then pass it along. Here are Rachel's questions for me:

1. What is your favorite band or artist?
I love the Indigo Girls, the Lumineers, the Decemberists, Mumford & Sons and I love a variety of classical music, musicals, jazz and folk.

2. What moral code do you live by?
I like to say, "Enjoy to the end." And enjoying life means that I do no harm to others and try and bring joy gently and lovingly.

3. If I could meet any person, dead or alive, who would it be?
You know, I can think of about FORTY MILLION people! So it's difficult to narrow it down to one. I would have to say it would be lovely to take tea with Queen Victoria and get her to say, "I am not amused."

4. List three things you like about yourself.
I have great feet. No, seriously, they are awesome. In another life I could have been a foot model or at least a Birkenstock salesperson.
I really enjoy people.
I love to learn and by extension, I love to read.

5. If you were on a crime show would  you rather play the killer or the victim? 
Neither. I don't watch crime shows. Mountain Man said I couldn't because I'm such a drama queen and after one episode of CSI, I was convinced that I was going to be murdered with a high heeled shoe. It led to too many sleepless nights so I decided to swear off crime shows all together.

6.What is one piece of advice you want everyone of the younger generation to have?
If there was one thing I could relate to everyone I meet it is that they are worthy, lovely and whole, just as they are. They should own their beautiful selves and rejoice in their unique gifts that they bring to the world. Stop trying to be like everyone else and spend your time thinking thoughts that elevate you, not tear you (or others) down. Life is short, think wisely.

7. What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? 
Once, when I was 14, I was out running around the neighborhood with some friends making mischief by toilet papering some people's houses. We were running by a little strip mall and there were these idiots in a truck who I "just happened" to flip off. They came screeching around and chased us down. As most of you know, I don't run unless a zombie is chasing me. I have a signature move called the "limp noodle" that I employ should a kidnapper ever decide to pick me up and run away. Unless you're Thor, it's almost impossible to move me when in the limp noodle state.

So, since running was out (on moral grounds) and the limp noodle would just make me an easier target for them to run me over, I turned around and started chatting it up with these offended young men. By the time we were done, I'd made two new friends, no longer intent on killing me with their gigantic truck. In hindsight, things could have gone A LOT differently, so it was a pretty stupid move to begin with, but it all worked out in the end.

8. What is your most embarrassing moment? 
Oh, this question! Let me just say, if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

9. Is that your actual most embarrassing moment or are you keeping the real one a secret?
I have no idea what you're referring to. *shifts uncomfortably in chair and looks away.

10. What is your favorite book?
To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

11. Do you have any pets?

And here are Sher's questions for me: 

1. If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?
If I had a pet, it would be a parrot and I would name him Pooter. 'Cause that's just cool, oh, and Mrs. Jennings in Sense & Sensibility had a parrot named Pooter too. And while I'm not as fat as Mrs. Jennings, or British, or live in the 18th century, I still think a parrot named Pooter would ROCK.

2. What company would you love to be the CEO of and why?
That's an easy one: my husbands company. Because he's had one day off in the last month. I'd make weekends mandatory! 

3. What is one of your favorite lines from a movie?
Obviously, it's from Ang Lee's Sense & Sensibility, where Mrs, Jennings says, "Ah, Pooter, still alive I see?" Seriously, if I had that parrot THAT is what I would say to her every day. 

4. What is one piece of advice you wish you could share with the whole world?
Same advice that I gave above from Rachel's question. You are worthy, you are lovely, you are whole. Think good thoughts about yourself and others. Your life is the very reflection of the things you think.

5. What is the first thing you think when you see someone walking down the street talking to themselves?
"Cheaper than therapy."

6. Where in your life do you value complexity?
I value complexity in almost every aspect of my life. I like layers of meaning and subtleties. I especially like it when I figure out what makes a person tick. I like complexity in relationships. 

7. What is your favorite sound?
Mountain Man's laughter. 

8. If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
"Watch for sharp turns." 

9. What did you invent that you thought would be a great invention until you found out it was already invented? The mechanical Parrot named Pooter. Seriously, I really want a parrot--or a bulldog named Henri. But a mechanical one, because real bulldogs poop...and so do parrots. Dang.

10. What item has been on your to-do list the longest?
To mail a copy of my will to my brother. I feel like it's tempting fate if I send it. So, here it remains. 

11. What song title best describes your relationship with your neighbors? 
"One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor" The people who live above us walk like elephants. I just don't know why people walk around so much in their house or why they feel the need to walk to heavily. They sound angry. Come to think of it, they might be angry because they don't have a parrot named which case, they are completely justified. 

I would like to pass on this lovely award to the following bloggers: 
Anjali at Akoustik
Joy at It's a Joy!
Rob-Bear at  Bears Noting

These are fabulous bloggers! I hope you check them out. And for your questions, my they are: 

1.Why do you blog?
2. What is your advice to someone overcoming adversity?
3. If a movie was made of your life, who would play you?
4. If you could have high tea with anyone living or dead, what kind of tea would you drink? (Caught you off guard with that one, didn't I?? ;)
5. In one word, describe your feelings at this instant.
6. If you and I found ourselves in jail, what would we be "in" for?
7. What is your favorite kind of donut?
8. Mine is an apple fritter. Will you bring me one?
9. If you could be any kind of athletic ball, what kind would you be? Why?
10. What's your favorite form of exercise?
11. I (apparently) want a parrot named Pooter as a pet, what kind of pet do you have/want?

Here's the rules: Pass this award along to five other bloggers with under 200 followers. Ask them eleven personal/random questions. Enjoy. 

Thank you Sherilee and Rachel!!! Happy Liebster!!! 


  1. Truly entertaining, as usual!

  2. Those sharp turns are worth holding on for. As usual you put a smile on my face.

    1. My husband usually can be seen holding on for dear life...;)

  3. Well, *I* certainly have less than 200 followers. Hahaa.

  4. Oh Lisa! Thanks for the award. I'll get on those questions now. "What would we be "in" for!?" Ha Ha! That is great.

  5. I think it is great that you are so good with people. That is a very rare quality to have.

    1. That is kind of you to day, Murees! xo!

  6. Love it! Great answers, and you did double duty! You rock.

    And parrots could be delivered... just saying. You mentioned it enough that I think you should keep an eye out for the UPS man... Pooter may be moments away...


  7. These are the best answers for questions that I have ever seen. I read most of them when my mom left the room and I was sooooo glad that she didn't see me giggling at my laptop screen.

    If I could have any pet, it would be a tiger who was trained not to eat people (unless told to, like a guard dog) and I would name it Raja, like Princess Jasmin's tiger in Aladdin.