Friday, October 11, 2013

On the mess in my head, wandering, and what's inspiring you?

My head is a mess.

I just can't seem to settle it down.
I toss and turn all night.
I dream of strange things.
I keep forgetting to breathe, and sometimes it feels like I'm never going to be able to quiet it down again.

I wander.
And I wonder.
I find myself straining to listen during simple conversation. I'm longing to feel that quiet space within my center.

It may be the change of seasons.
It may not.
And I'm also finding inspiration is the strangest of places.

U2 lyrics are making my brain launch into wonderful fantasies of world peace and understanding.
Autumn leaves falling remind me that I can think thoughts and then let them be swept away in the wind.
My heart feels like it's cracking open with deeper appreciation for the differences of humanity.
This girl inspires me:

What's inspiring you this week?


  1. I too have been feeling this way. You might all ready know this about me- top ten bands that have influenced my life? U2 is in there and I forgot. Thanks for always inspiring me

  2. Embrace the mess, dear one. It's all a part of the process, and you are a beautiful process.


  3. Not sure if it is the clutter in my mind or the actual clutter in our home that is leaving me stuck...just stuck when I am in the house. Keep finding your inspiration...that interview was fascinating, btw!

  4. ...Breaking Bad, the Stillness of the Crane, the Gospel of John, and the sign on the corner that says 'Espiro Dinero'...those are this week's...

  5. A picture of a cloud that looks like an angel got my mind whirring today.

  6. This girl is a rock, God bless her.

    I cleaned out some dresser drawers and found some old treasures. What a blessing.

  7. Brave and strong people inspire me. People like Malala. Reading books that give me the tools to live my life exactly as who I am and how I think is best for me has given me inspiration. Hearing that good people are standing up and doing the right thing ALWAYS inspires me to follow suit. It's been a weird few weeks and despite all the negative that is happening around this country and around the world, my inspiration gives me hope.

    Sending you love and light...

    (Oh, and a letter is on its way to you!) :)

    1. Yay! Your letters inspire ME! xoxo

  8. Honestly, the sheriff in charge of Rebecca Sedwick's case in Florida is inspiring me. He's putting his foot down and being strong, to put an end to bullying in his town. He inspires me to do something about it, or other things I care so much about.

    Also, music. I've been listening to a lot of music lately.

    1. I've been thinking about bullying a lot this week too--I did get your email!! People who stand up in the face of injustice IS inspiring!

  9. You're such a poet, dear Lisa. That was beautiful. And yes, she inspires me too. But then again, as you know, so do you.

    (Wait, that rhymed....)