About Me

I am a square toothed girl...no matter how far past the definition of 'girl' I become.

I own a pair of shoes that makes me think I can do anything and hope that every one finds that special pair of shoes for themselves...I bought mine at Sears. 

I believe that life is an opportunity to find joy in every situation, in every place, and in every person...if we look for it.  Unless you call me repeatedly then I'll just unplug my phone.  

Last but not least, I have an unhealthy and obsessive addiction to Diet Coke that I enjoy on a daily basis and I think that people who claim they're not addicted to anything are just kidding themselves...And that they may actually be addicted to claiming that they have no addictions.  

If you have something nice to say, please leave a comment or email me at squaretoothedgirl@gmail.com ...

Thanks for dropping by!